Yoclub Kids's Girls Crocs Shoes Slip-On Sandals OCR-0044G-9900

Zlevněný výrobek Yoclub Kids's Girls Crocs Shoes Slip-On Sandals OCR-0044G-9900 od výrobce s mnohaletou tradicí Yoclub máte možnost dostat tady a teď právě za báječnou cenu. Právě teď za cenu 262 Kč. EAN: 5903999474225
Yoclub Kids's Girls Crocs
Značka: Yoclub
262 Dostupnost: SKLADEM 749 Kč Sleva -65%
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Yoclub Kids's Girls Crocs – Description:
Girls' summer flip-flops in pastel rainbow colors. They can be worn in two ways: as flip-flops or sandals. A heel strap prevents shoes from accidentally slipping off your foot. Flip-flops are the fastest to put on and the most comfortable model of shoes for summer. Crocs also have ventilation holes, which ensures free air flow and comfort of feet even on the hottest days. They are made of high quality foam, which makes them extremely light and very comfortable. The sole is thick and solid, and its profiled shape fits the anatomical structure of the foot and toes. Our flip-flops have very universal use. They are perfect for the beach, a walk, gardening or as everyday home shoes.Material: Top: 100% EVA Sole: 100% EVA