Women's T-shirt

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Women's T-shirt
Značka: Atlantic
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Women's T-shirt...


Cotton T-shirt – the best for your skin!

High-quality clothing is made of the best fabric. This is exactly the path we followed, creating a series of women's t-shirts. To create them, we used high-quality cotton, a fabric that is delicate and pleasant to the touch. It is distinguished by above-average strength, as well as resistance to high temperatures and stretching. It perfectly absorbs excess moisture, which avoids the discomfort associated with sweating on hot days. 
Cotton is also an excellent material for allergy sufferers. It does not cause allergies and does not cause redness, as for example wool. This is why wearing cotton T-shirts is comfortable – no matter what the weather or the situation you are in.
We love our underwear. When creating it, we pay attention to every smallest detail. Therefore, take care of it and it will serve you for many seasons. Pay attention to markings and instructions included with the underwear. Good wearing!

T- shirt close to the body and sensuously fitting it is made of soft and pleasant to the touch cotton. Our knitwear is also extremely durable – resistant to high temperatures and mechanical action. Due to the ability to absorb water, cotton also prevents discomfort such as body perspiration.The U-neck undershirt can be worn in the same way for everyday wear (eg. in combination with jeans) and sports (with a tracksuit or shorts) and an evening dress (with satin pants and a jacket). 
100% Cotton

Designový kousek Women's T-shirt od společnosti s předním postavením na trhu Atlantic jde sehnat u nás nyní za neuvěřitelně výhodnou cenu. Akční cena již od 239 Kč.