Women's Sport Leather Shoes White-Grey Florentine

Tento nejprodávanější produkt Women's Sport Leather Shoes White-Grey Florentine od značky s dlouholetou historií Kesi snadno pořídíte u nás teď za mimořádně nízkou cenu! Výhodně za super cenu 552 Kč. EAN: 1210002473286
Women's Sport Leather Shoes
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Značka: Kesi
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Women's Sport Leather Shoes – Must-have sports shoes! Made of a combination of high-quality eco leather and eco suede. They are mounted on a massive platform with grooves on the sides. Slight perforations on the front and sides. The sneakers have a flat laces binding, thanks to which they can be perfectly adjusted. The soft insole is made of material and is additionally removable. You absolutely must have them in your wardrobe! When choosing a size, please use the size chart.
36-23/37-23,5/38-24/39-24,5/40-25,5/41-26 cm.