Women's shorts Styx classic rubber multicolored (K828)

Tento kvalitní a levný kousek Women's shorts Styx classic rubber multicolored (K828) od populární značky STYX jednoduše naleznete teď za outletovou cenu. Nyní zakoupíte za 297 Kč. EAN: 8596473088321
Women's shorts Styx classic
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Značka: STYX
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Women's shorts Styx classic rubber – Styx – women's classic shorts Women's Styx shorts with classic rubber are staples in the wardrobes of Czech ladies and girls. Comfortable cut together with 100% cotton has a beneficial effect on rest, sleep, sports and home comfort. Like all Styx shorts, classic women's shorts have an applique with the Styx logo on the front of the rubber. As a bonus, they are packed according to the current event. We have already mentioned that all Styx shorts are made in the Czech Republic? – Rubber – classic- Material – cotton- Composition – 100% cotton- Wash – 30 ° C- Dryer – no- Ironing – yes Made in the Czech Republic