VUCH Jovita wallet

Zcela unikátní produkt VUCH Jovita wallet od značky VUCH naleznete u nás nyní v bezva akci. Právě nyní za bezkonkurenční cenu 373 Kč. EAN: 8595692021775
VUCH Jovita wallet
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Značka: VUCH
373 549 Kč Sleva -32%
Popis produktu

VUCH Jovita wallet – “This blue beauty will last you a long time. It is made of material that is super easy to maintain. You take a cloth, water, make a smoky smoky and that's it. Inside you will find lots of small dots and pockets for cards of all kinds. A separate zipped pocket will store all your cash.“
Main patent closure
Closable zip pocket for coins
Photo compartment
Spacious pocket for banknotes