Tatami Woman's Necklace Tb-M5850-2L

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Tatami Woman's Necklace Tb-M5850-2L
Značka: Tatami
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Tatami Woman's Necklace Tb-M5850-2L...

Tatami Woman's Necklace Tb-M5850-2L – Description:
Beads necklace with cotton tassel. Total length 25 cm, with possibility to adjust to 27 cm, buckled + tassel 8 cm.Material: Glass beads+Cotton tasselWashing instructions: Do not take a shower or a bath in jewellery. Keep in soft jewellery pouches or boxes to avoid scratches. Avoid contact with chemicals and other chemical substances as: hairspray as it will cause the material to fade. Avoid mechanical damage as dropping down or scratching as well as do not keep in high temperature. While cleaning and polishing use soft tissue.

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