Men's shorts art sports rubber and socks Styx pirate (BH1250)

Tento velmi oblíbený produkt Men's shorts art sports rubber and socks Styx pirate (BH1250) od dodavatele kvalitních produktů STYX jde pořídit již dnes za báječnou cenu! Momentálně v akci za 441 Kč. EAN: 8596473089434
Men's shorts art sports
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Značka: STYX
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Men's shorts art sports rubber and socks Styx pirate – Styx men's shorts and socks STYX men's shorts, which are made of 100% cotton, which makes them very comfortable to wear all day, but you can also use them for classic home lounging. You have one pair of cheerful socks with them, which are made of a pleasant cotton material with a soft hem. Composition of shorts: 100% cotton Composition of socks: 80% cotton 10% polyamide 5% polypropylene 5% elastane As for washing – let's agree that you will wash the shorts only at 30 ° C and you will not dry them in the dryer, otherwise it could state that it will no longer be possible to wear them. Of course you can iron them.In the case of socks, please wash them at a maximum of 40 ° C, at the same time do not iron the socks or dry them in the dryer. Packaging: Men's shorts together with colored socks are packed together for you in a colored Styx paper box. This package can already be used as a gift. Made in the Czech Republic Size chart

STYX – MEN SHORTS + SOCKS SIZE BELT CIRCUMFERENCE (CM) SOCKS WITH 70-80 35-38 (23-25) M 80-90 39-42 (26-28) L 90-100 43-46 (29-31) XL 100-110 43-46 (29-31) XXL 110-120 center; „> 48-50 (32-34)Material: 100% cotton