Men's shorts

Tento levný výrobek Men's shorts od kvalitního výrobce Atlantic je dostupný aktuálně na webu skutečně výhodně. Ve skvělé akci za 254 Kč. EAN: 5903351352383
Men's shorts
Značka: Atlantic
254 Dostupnost: SKLADEM 799 Kč Sleva -68%
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Boxers are characterized by a sporty cut – a low waist and standard-length legs. Thanks to profiling cuts, they perfectly adhere to the body and fit it. They are recommended for every figure.
Premium Underwear is a collection for those who focus on the highest quality, unique design and modern technological solutions in their underwear choices. To create underwear, we use 100% cotton, pima cotton, as well as bamboo, microfiber, modal and micromodal. You will be delighted with a soft-to-touch fabric combined with microfiber rubber with milk thread. The latter gives a unique „soft touch“. Expect maximum wearing comfort. 
the best quality of knitwear
perfect fit to the figure
non-compressive microfiber outer rubber
guarantee of maximum comfort
new technology
Micromodal is a fiber that is extremely skin-friendly and soft to the touch, breathable and moisture-absorbing, damage-resistant and biodegradable.
We love our underwear. When creating it, we pay attention to every smallest detail. Therefore, take care of it and it will serve you for many seasons. Pay attention to markings and instructions included with the underwear. Good wearing!

Black men's boxer shorts are marked at the waist with a wide and soft, navy blue rubber, on which the brand name is embossed of a large size. Sports underwear has a universal leg length and a low waist, which is finished with the aforementioned outer rubber. Pleasant to the touch, the rubber does not press on the body and does not stick into it, thus providing it with maximum comfort.The boxer shorts are made of knitted fabric, which is a combination of a slightly shimmering micromodal and stretchy elastane. The skin-friendly knit fabric is breathable and adheres to the body fabulously. Its production uses much less water than the production of other knitted fabrics.
sporty character
adherence to the body
soft and non-compressive rubber at the waist
high-quality micromodal
100% comfort
95% micromodal, 5% elastane