Look Made With Love Woman's Handbag 5552 Paris

Zcela unikátní kousek Look Made With Love Woman's Handbag 5552 Paris od našeho výrobce Look Made With Love máte možnost získat právě zde skutečně levně. V současnosti pořídíte za cenu 2 437 Kč. EAN: 5903999302665
Look Made With Love
2 437 Dostupnost: SKLADEM 7 599 Kč Sleva -67%
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Look Made With Love Woman's – Description:
It is made of beautiful Italian grain leather, it has an interesting solution with an ear, a handle that is tangled and finished with knots, and on one side there is also a leather tassel of the same color. This makes the bag very original and delights everyone in the company. Inside there is a cosmetic bag / purse, also made of the same leather, fastened with a metal zipper and attached to the bag with a strap.Material: 100% Genuine Leather