Eko háčkovaná DOKE síťovka dark

Žádaný produkt Eko háčkovaná DOKE síťovka dark od známého předního výrobce DOKE lze koupit právě teď za výprodejovou cenu. Aktuálně za 1 504 Kč. EAN: 8596464003685
Eko háčkovaná DOKE síťovka
Značka: DOKE
1 504 Dostupnost: SKLADEM 2 211 Kč Sleva -31%
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Eco crocheted DOKE fishnet – This fishnet is high game for connoisseurs. Not only is it handmade and locally made, but the material! Recycled cotton and recycled plastic bottles will not leave any environmental lover alone. The long ears are a guarantee of comfort when carried in the hand or on the shoulder, as a shopping bag our hand-crocheted net has proven itself to be excellent. The ideal multi-functional bag that perfectly complements your outfit. Who doesn't have a fishnet, it's as if he didn't exist. As is our custom, the net is 100% handmade, locally produced. Wash gently by hand or in the washing machine at 30°C.